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Blackbird Drone: High Tech Security from Above

Blackbird Nightingale Security Drone Raise3D Header

Reaching 0-60 in a matter of seconds, spanning over 60 inches (152cm), and built for performance, Nightingale Security delivers the most advanced security drone, the Blackbird. 

The Blackbird is an intelligent, autonomous, networked, aerial security vehicle. FAA approved for nighttime and multi-drone operations, Nightingale Security ushers in the era of the rapid-response, robotic aerial security swarm.

This sophisticated security drone can autonomously patrol a property providing live thermal and RGB video feed, as well as quickly respond to alarms or emergencies 24/7.
Blackbird Nightingale Security Drone Raise3D


By applying 3D printing, Nightingale Security is able to produce highly customized parts that traditionally are difficult to mold and manufacture. With the capability of printing filaments temperatures up to 300C, the right material can be chosen for each component: high strength for the frame and motor mounts, lightweight for the camera shroud, and flexible impact-absorbing for the feet.

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