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Color: Natural
Specifications: 1.75mm / 600g

The polypropylene based ‘P-filament 721’ offers excellent 3D printer performance with low warpage and shrinkage combined with extremely high layer adhesion. Printed parts of ‘P-filament 721’ are very break resistant, have very good mechanical properties, excellent chemical resistance, good temperature stability, and low friction resistance. Due to its low density, it is excellently suited for lightweight construction. Applications ranging from technical components to individualized decorative and art objects to toys can be realized. The food safety of the PP starting material used opens up additional possibilities.

It is recommended to dry the material in a PrintDry at 60-70°C for up to 24 hours before 3D printing for better layer adhesion and low warping.

Recommended printing parameters:
Bed Adhesion: Magigoo PP on BuildTak surface or P-surface 141 as the printing surface can be used on third party machines.
Preheat: Heat Bed at 90°C for 15-20 minutes prior to printing
It is recommended to be printed with the Top Cover on.

Extruder temperature: 200 – 220 °C
Print bed surface temperature: 50 – 70 °C
Chamber temperature: recommended 65 – 80 °C

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Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Certificate for Biological Safety

P-filament 721 (Polypropylene)