Raise3D Industrial PPA Support Filament

Color: Purple (PMS: 2635C)
Specifications: 1.75 mm/ 1 kg

Raise3D Industrial PPA (Polyphthalamide) Support Filament is a break-away support material specially developed for PPA (Polyphthalamide). During the 3D printing process, it creates a stable support structure and provides proper adhesion to the surface of printed parts, while counteracting the tendency to warp, and thus significantly improving the surface quality finish both on overhangs and the cavities of printed parts. After a print is finished, the support structure can be easily removed by breaking it away from the printed parts, either by hand or using tools. This support material is more cost-effective when compared with water-soluble support material.

This filament is compatible with Raise3D Industrial PPA CF Filament and Raise3D Industrial PPA GF Filament.

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Raise3D Industrial PPA Support Filament

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