3D Printing Filament for Design and Manufacturing

Using the right 3D printing filament for a project is crucial for a successful print job. From PLA to cold water-soluble PVA+, Raise3D offers a variety of 3D printing materials that can fulfil a wide range of project requirements.

3D Printing Filament for Hyper FFF™

Filament lines specially developed for Raise3D’s game-changing Hyper FFF™ technology.

3D Printing Filament for General Use

Materials that are commonly used across many applications

3D Printing Filament for Production End-Use

Engineering materials excellent for uses like prototyping and manufacturing

3D Printing Filament for Special Application

Materials grouped by any distinguishing characteristic, feature, property, or special use

How to Get Properly Set Up to Start 3D Printing with Filaments

Choose the Right 3D Printing Filament

Raise3D offers a range of 3D printing filaments for any kind of project. Click here to get more information on each type filament and find which one best suits your needs.

Choose Right Material

Choose the Best 3D Printer for the Filament

Raise3D offers several industrial 3D printers based on project and filament requirements. With options like the E2 desktop 3D printer, to the Pro2 dual extruder 3D printer to the Pro2 Plus large format 3D printer, there is a 3D printer for every project and filament.

Find Suitable Printer

Choose the Right 3D Slicing Software

After choosing the right 3D printing filament and 3D printer, it is time to choose a 3D slicing software. ideaMaker is a user-friendly 3D slicer from Raise3D that offers a range of functions to accommodate users who are new to 3D printing as well as those who are more experienced. It works in conjunction with ideaMaker Library to access slicing profiles and automatically set printing parameters for easier 3D printing.

Get Slicing Profiles

Explore 3D Printing Application

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