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Top 3D Printers Launched at Formnext 2022
Nov 21, 2022

3D printer manufacturers wait all year to unveil their newest printers at the Formnext expo – this year’s debuts did not disappoint. Not a new printer from Raise3D, but a new upgrade to the Pro3 that makes it much faster. The upgrade kit, called Hyper FFF, includes some new hardware, new software, and new filament.

Additive productivity: a new era in FFF professional 3D printing
Nov 14, 2022

Raise3D, the global provider of additive manufacturing solutions for SMEs and LSEs, is introducing a breakthrough in FFF professional 3D Printing, with the launch of a Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit (HUK3) for the Pro3 Series 3D printers, their flagship professional product.

Raise3D E2CF review: a compact carbon-fiber low-volume production 3D printer for under 4k€?
Oct 26, 2022

We’re taking a thorough look at the E2CF: a compact and cost-effective 3D printer designed to produce small batches of strong, composite parts. Both 3D printers sport the same robust frame, dimensions, Easy Swap IDEX system, flexplate, HEPA filter, onboard camera, and many other features that make Raise3D’s professional-grade machines very user-friendly.

Choosing a 3D Printer: A Closer Look at 5 Models on the Market
Oct 10, 2022

The additive manufacturing market has grown rapidly in recent years, with more 3D printers being sold and used around the world. In fact, according to a report from Grand View Research, while 2.2 million 3D printers were shipped in 2021, these shipments are expected to reach 21.5 million units by 2030. Take a look at the selection below and see which are the most popular 3D printers on the market today!

ideaMaker: The Free Slicer from Raise3D
Aug 16, 2022

Acting as an intermediary between the 3D model and the 3D printer, slicers allow the machine to understand what information is present on the 3D model thanks to what is called a G-Code. And depending on the manufacturer of 3D solutions, the solutions differ. Raise3D, one of the historical players in FFF additive manufacturing, offers the ideaMaker slicer. Obviously optimized for all of the company’s 3D printers, it is also capable of working with machines from other manufacturers. Indeed, the software is intended to be easy to use and within anyone’s abilities.

Top Dual Extruder 3D Printers for Professionals
Jul 19, 2022

Multi-material printing, soluble supports, and double capacity are why you want a professional dual extruder FDM 3D printer. Check out Raise3D Pro3 Plus and Raise3D E2CF. Raise3D’s two dual extruder printers (the Pro3 series and the new RMF500) feature multi-filament capabilities with extruder temps reaching 300℃ addresing the need for large industrial parts with soluble supports. E2CF 3D printer is stacked with features like IDEX technology, the flexible build plate, resume print function, and power save mode.

10 Most Innovative 3D Printing Companies of 2022
Jun 27, 2022

Every June All3DP will present its list of The 10 Most Innovative 3D Printing Companies. Nominations can not be sponsored and are completely independent from outside influence. With four 3D printers introduced in the last 12 months (RMF500, MetalFuse, Pro3 Series, E2CF), Raise3D continues its push to democratize 3D printing with affordable, easy-to-use solutions that meet today’s manufacturers’ quality demands.

Large Format Raise3D RMF500 for 3D Printing with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Materials
Jun 20, 2022

The RMF500 from Raise3D promises to be a reliable assistant in industrial and low-volume 3D printing with composite materials, providing accurate and stable and high-performance printing with lower economic investment and lower power consumption. A unique feature of the novelty is the combination of the ability to print with carbon fiber-reinforced material (colloquially carbon fiber), wide format and affordability .

The Best Professional 3D Printers of 2022
Jun 17, 2022

Running a small business and looking for an affordable, reliable 3D printer? Check out our guide to the best professional 3D printers under $10,000. Raise3D’s new Pro3 dual-extruder FDM 3D printer (in two sizes) packs an impressive number of industrial-level features into a unit priced at only $5,249.