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Raise3D DF2 Complete Package

This Complete Package includes the hardware and the software needed for printing. For resins, please purchase separately.


  • Raise3D DF2 Printer (MSRP: 4,499)
  • Raise3D DF Wash (MSRP: 1,399)
  • Raise3D DF Cure (MSRP: 1,599)
  • ideaMaker Slicing Software: Free with the hardware purchase

Total Value: € 7,497

Complete Set Price: € 6,999

You Save: $ 498 compared t0 purchasing individual devices

Special Pre-sale Discount: 10% 0ff, the discounted price is $6,299

Note: The 10% special pre-sale discount is available for the Complete Package.


The Raise3D DF2 solution is a Digital Light Printing (DLP) printing system that provides fast printing speeds, smooth surfaces, high precision, and exceptional reliability. It is designed for engineering prototyping, manufacturing aids, and low-volume production using a wide variety of high-performance resins.

Compared to the time-consuming and messy workflow of DLP, the Raise3D DF2, DF Wash and DF Cure come with an RFID-tag-integrated smart build plate and a logical interface that ensures a cleaner and simpler workflow throughout the printing, washing and curing process. This not only streamlines manual operations but also ensures your printing tasks are always accomplished with the same print results.

This package does not come with resins. To purchase our Raise3D resins, please visit here.

Click here to view the Raise3D DF2 Solution Technical Specifications.

Raise3D DF2 Series Products Warranty Policy and Terms of Service


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Raise3D DF2 Complete Package

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