Industrial Grade 3D Printer for Composite End-Use-Part Based on FFF Process

Fast Production of Large End-use Parts

The RMF500 is a reliable, precise, and flexible 3D printer that produces high-performance end-use parts with repeatability, making it an excellent option for small batch manufacturing, as well as for other applications.






High Performance and Lightweight Fiber Reinforced Material

The RMF500 is specialized in printing complex workpieces with a high strength-to-weight ratio in a single job, using fiber-reinforced thermoplastics. Raise3D ensures performance from each filament spool, in addition to continuously expanding material choices.

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Raise3D’s Open Filament Program (OFP) continuously collaborates with third-party filament manufacturers to identify and select top-performing filaments for Raise3D printers. OFP has now entered phase 2.0, with certified industrial-grade filaments with specific mechanical properties and guaranteed enhanced performance.

The RMF500 has four large, multipurpose filament cartridges, with each cartridge having a maximum load of 2.5kg, enabling automatic switching and positive pressure humidity control below 5% RH.

The RMF500 uses silicon carbide nozzles with a hardness of over 60 HRC to resist abrasion from carbon fiber and glass fiber materials.

Each Raise3D fiber-reinforced filament is developed with a paired support material. For example, the breakaway support filament for PA12 CF can easily break away, resulting in a clean overhang surface.






Delivering Productivity and Repeatability

Thanks to the RMF500’s FFF technology, this 3D printer features repeatable positioning accuracy, consistent extrusion flow, a high print speed, and a huge build volume. These features enable the RMF500 to deliver large batches or workpieces in a highly efficient manner.






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The RMF500 uses a linear motor-driven system, with a 1μm synchronized closed-loop system, which overwhelms traditional system with belts, pulleys, and leadscrews. This linear motor-driven system gives the RMF500 an acceleration of 2G and a speed over 1000mm/s2.

The RMF500’s build volume is of 500x500x500mm, for both single and dual extruder printing. Its vacuum manifold platform is installed with a PEI building plate with pressure detection to deliver worry-free startup and easy removal of prints.

The RMF500’s independent extrusion systems (IDEX) are manufactured using high-temperature alloys and industrial ceramic composite materials. Each extruder has a heating capacity of up to 300 W, ensuring a stable and high extrusion rate of up to 500 g/hr.

An all-steel structure frame grants the RMF500 high capacity and performance. The RMF500 has high-grade hardness steel for low clearance linear guides, a Z-axis with a maximum load limit of over 100kg, and a 50% lower error deflection.





Distinct Cost-Efficiency among Peers

The RMF500 is designed to achieve the maximum cost-efficiency in terms of material performance vs the process cost. The effective application of material science resulted in the optimization of the system’s design with a much lower energy consumption.




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The Raise3D material science team can produce composite filaments with significantly improved thermal and mechanical properties, by reinforcing thermoplastic with fibers. Fiber-reinforced filaments have high printability and require an environment that does not have to be as hot as with other printing materials.

Without a heated chamber, peak power consumption is less than 3kW. The average power consumption per unit printing area is 60% lower than competitors.

Raise3D fiber-reinforced filaments are competitively priced, making additive manufacturing with fiber-reinforced thermoplastics more accessible.

Build Size: 500 x 500 x 500 mm (Single and Dual Extruder Printing)

Printing Speed: ≤ 400 mm/s

Maximum Build Platform Temperature: 110℃

Nozzle Type: Silicon Carbide

Extrusion System: IDEX

XY Precision: 1 micron

Z Precision: 0.09765 micron

Extruder Maximum Heating Temperature: 330℃

Build Platform Maximum Heating Temperature: 110℃

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PA12 CF is a Nylon Polyamide 12 (PA12)-based 3D printing filament, reinforced with Carbon Fiber. Carbon Fiber enhances Nylon’s stiffness, strength, rigidity, shrink ratio, surface quality, and improves its chemical and thermal resistance.

A breakaway support filament specially developed to pair with the PA12 CF resulting in an easy break away and clean overhang surface.

Raise3D Industrial PPA CF

Raise3D Industrial PPA CF Filament is a carbon fiber-reinforced composite filament material based on PPA (polyphthalamide or high-performance/high-temperature Nylon). PPA CF has lower density, lower moisture absorption, high strength and rigidity, high wear and creep resistance, and excellent chemical and heat resistance.

Raise3D Industrial PPA GF

Raise3D Industrial PPA GF is a glass fiber-reinforced composite filament material based on PPA (polyphthalamide or high-performance/high-temperature Nylon). PPA can be distinguished from aliphatic polyamides (e.g.PA6) by a higher melting point, glass transition temperatures (Tg), lower moisture absorption, and greater dimensional stability.

Raise3D Industrial PPA Support

Raise3D Industrial PPA (Polyphthalamide) Support Filament is a break-away support material specially developed for PPA (Polyphthalamide). This filament is compatible with Raise3D Industrial PPA CF Filament and Raise3D Industrial PPA GF Filament.

Raise3D Industrial PET CF

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Raise3D Industrial PPS CF

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