Raise3D Forge1 

The Metal FFF 3D Printer


Drive Innovation in Various of Industries with End-use Applications


Forge1 Benifits

  • Optimized printing parameters for a perfect green part
  • Smooth surface
  • Easy carrier detachment after sintering
  • Compatible with MIM process

Scalable on-demand production

Forge1 is a cost-effective choice for on-demand metal part production.


Reliable metal filaments developed by BASF

Raise3D and BASF Forward AM worked closely together throughout the development process to ensure the seamless interaction of the Forge1 and Ultrafuse® 316L and Ultrafuse® 17-4 metal filaments and the Ultrafuse® support layer.


  • High-strength green parts for safe transportation
  • Open system with full access to application critical parameters
  • Fastest debinding speeds in the market
  • Most mature and industrialized solution
  • Optimized printing profiles and features for best in class metal parts

A Complete MetalFuse Post-process Solution

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MetalFuse is a series of products consisting of Forge1, S200-C, and D200-E, which together provide a full production solution. This solution enables maximum confidentiality and delivery speed throughout the entire production process.

By separating the printing process from sintering and debinding, the MetalFuse system enables one system to pair with multiple Forge1 printers. This approach scales up the overall throughput of full metal parts by leveraging the large processing volume of S200-C and D200-E.

ideaMaker for Metal

Specialized Slicer Edition for MetalFuse

Provide Templates for All Processes

ideaMaker for Metal provides validated metal filament templates which enable easy slicing.

Easy to Set Shrink Compensation

Unlike other FFF printing methods, metal printing requires a debinding and sintering process to obtain the final part. To ensure that the final part matches the intended size, the size of the green parts can be automatically set in the software to account for a certain amount of print shrinkage. This guarantees that the final size after debinding and sintering will be accurate and suitable for use.



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