Our Workshop printer carts are made of durable black sheet metal and are perfect for industrial settings.

The models are designed to fit compact spaces and are sturdy enough to support your 3D printer during its production process.
Besides its visually appealing look, the Workshop Printer Carts are equipped with practical features, such as:
– add-ons for E2CF dry box holders
– a customized drawer, to organize and store your tools
– large storage unit with shelf and dividers, to securely hold your spools and other tools
– wheels (with wheel locks), to keep the printer stable and where you need it

The Low Printer Cart is suitable for the Raise3D Pro3 Plus, Pro2 Plus, and E2CF 3D printers.
Size: appr. 600x600x615mm
Material: Metal
Description: Adequate for Workshop environments
Included: Manual, tool & assembly materials

These versions of the printer carts are only available in the European market.

Low Workshop Printer Cart for Pro3 Plus/Pro2 Plus/E2CF